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Project Description
Ad Hoc Reports is a web based reporting engine, similar to Crystal Reports but drastically scaled back. It allows database administrators to create views which are then presented to web report writers, allowing them to create their own custom reports.

Here are some of the goals with this project:
  1. Create an open source ad hoc reporting engine
  2. Provide reporting capabilities on any OLE DB provider
  3. Provide a simple way for database administrators to create basic views, but allow users to create the actual reports they want
  4. Provide basic reporting features for web report writers
Certainly this project is not complete, but does meet most of the current goals. This project actually started a number of years ago, and has evolved into what you now see. (If you see imperfections, now you know why.) I would like to fix a number of problems, but if you would like to contribute, please drop me a line.

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